Nuplazid and Its Side Effects

People dealing with Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms are often prescribed Nuplazid as a solution. This drug has been around for a while and is well-regarded as offering a wide array of advantages to those that use it wisely.

What is Nuplazid?

Nuplazid or “Pimavanserin” is used to help treat psychosis (mood disorder) as it’s a common symptom attributed to Parkinson’s disease. In general, Nuplazid is deemed to help with a wide array of symptoms that can come along with the condition such as delusions or hallucinations. It is a drug that is listed as an atypical antipsychotic. Many have filed lawsuits against the maker of this drug. If you are one of this then its best to seek the help of a Parkinson drug attorney lawsuit.

Side Effects of Nuplazid

1) Constipation

One of the common side effects that come with Nuplazid is constipation. The patient may display signs of digestive issues that get worse and worse over time. It is important to stay aware of how the body is responding to the medication as time goes on. If not, the condition gets to the point where it is harmful and leads to major digestive problems. Constipation can vary in severity when it comes to the use of Nuplazid, and it’s best to keep tabs on how it is doing after being consumed.

In some cases, constipation may come and go over a longer period of use.

2) Nausea

Along with constipation, Nuplazid users will also report signs of nausea. This can be a challenging issue for those that deal with this form of sickness on a regular basis. It is best to understand how long nausea lasts for and how it reacts to the body.

As the body starts to adapt to the medication, these symptoms will reduce in severity. However, in some cases, nausea will persist, and this becomes a prolonged side effect. It’s important to note any changes in one’s digestive system when it comes to eating food or drinking fluids.

3) Hallucinations

One of the primary symptoms Nuplazid is supposed to treat is hallucinating. This is a symptom that comes up with Parkinson’s disease, and it’s best to stay alert when it comes to these issues. However, if the body doesn’t react well to the drug, these hallucinations might worsen and become consistent. It’s essential to monitor these changes and go in for multiple check-ups with a qualified physician.

The hallucinations shouldn’t be allowed to persist, but this is a common side effect.

4) Confusion

Another side effect people tend to mention with Nuplazid is confusion. There are times where a person will not be able to understand what is happening around them and that can lead to odd decision-making and word choice.

While Nuplazid is made for dealing with issues such as delusion, it can lead to confusion in some people.

5) Swelling (Extremities)

For some people, there are physical changes in how they feel and this can become noticeable when they look at their extremities. For example, a person may note swelling when it comes to their body.

These areas will balloon up and look different.

In general, a person is also going to note a rapid change in his/her ability to use those swollen parts as well.

6) Gait Disturbance

A person will start to exhibit a clear change in his/her gait disturbance, and it’s going to have a profound impact on one’s mobility. Nuplazid can have a differing set of side effects for each person, and this is one of those severe side effects that can show up in certain cases.

The gait is going to change whether it has to do with the angle of one’s steps or how distanced the steps are as one foot is put in front of the other.

These are some of the main side effects associated with Nuplazid and why it has been a topic of concern in some situations. It’s important to acknowledge these side effects and understand how they’re going to impact one’s health in the long-run. Having this information in hand will help control how things progress and what value the solution is going to bring to one’s health. If not, the side effects might get increasingly pronounced with time and harder to manage. In most cases, a person is going to display several of these side effects.